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Moor - Lake Yunoko Yukawa Senjogahara moor Odashirogahara moor - of Ramsar Convention registration damp ground okunikko

Moor introduction of okunikko


Lake Yunoko, Yukawa, Senjogahara moor in Nikko-shi, Tochigi, 260.41 hectares of Odashirogahara moor were registered with Ramsar Convention damp ground as "moor of okunikko" in 2005. Japanese registration damp ground was 13 places, but 20 increased by this registration at a stretch, and it was to 33 in total till then. In "the moor of okunikko", the whole area is appointed in Nikko National Park, and maintenance is planned by the natural park methods. We would declare that we pushed forward damp ground and maintenance of the neighboring water systems or those wise use with responsibility in the world.


Image: Aerial photograph of okunikko

Registration standard of moor of image okunikko

Cirsium japonicum of Akanuma

Moor introduction of okunikko

Lake of hot water Yukawa Senjogahara moor Odashirogahara moor

 1.Yunoko- Lake Yunoko -

Lake formed by the natural damming of a river which was made by eruption of Mt. three. As the depth of the water is shallow, it is originally lake which it is easy to eutrophicate, but is said to be foreign co-Canadian algae increasing, and affecting the quality of the water. 1,478 meters above sea level, 0.35 square kilometers in area, neighborhood 2.9 kilometers, maximum depth of the water 14.5 meters, stay days about 30 days of lake.

Image: Lake Yunoko shore

There is the one round sidewalk in shore, user
It is a lot

Image: Winter waterfowl

The northeastern part is water for hot spring gush in winter
Chicken comes flying

Image: Angler

Many anglers come from May through September, too

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 2.Yukawa- Yukawa -

River which water of Lake Yunoko becomes Yutaki waterfall, and reaches omission, Lake Chuzenji. Original scenery flowing relaxedly is rare in Honshu. Not river supplying water to Senjogahara moor, water from Senjogahara moor flows into adversely. This registration area is sections from Yutaki waterfall to the Senjogahara moor side not all rivers.

Image: Yukawa

Fly fishing that has never met in our country
It is said to be performed river

Image: Damp land Buddhist priest

Stock of grass swells highly; and is tai for flooding
Damp land Buddhist priest to get

Image: Yutaki waterfall

As for the Yutaki waterfall, water runs along rock
Magnificent waterfall

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 3.Senjogahara- Senjogahara moor -

Moor which river was dammed up by eruption of Mt.Nantai, and was made. Moor is greatly divided into high-rise moor where bog moss was piled up thick, low-rise building moor which water collects, and is full of nutrition, the middle middle moor, but there is moor of all these types in Senjogahara moor. This registration district is only the west of national highway.

Image: Cotton grass

Cotton grass. Many moor plants of deer
It has decreased by feeding damage

Image: Hiking course of Senjogahara moor

Senjogahara moor is popular high in okunikko
King course

Image: Tree of Malus Sieboldii

Tree of Malus Sieboldii the earth and sand from the neighborhood as for the product
There is much teirutokoroni

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 4.Odashirogahara- Odashirogahara moor -

It is said to be stairs switching over from moor to grassy plain, but scientific investigation is not performed very much, and, as for the clear thing, it is not revealed. It was planted with trees Japanese larch except a part, but place burnt in forest fire becomes grassy plain. We can see evenly, but there is difference in elevation and is different in vegetation.

Image: Leaves of grass putting on autumnal tints

It depends on difference of vegetation at time of leaves of grass putting on autumnal tints
Design is beautiful

Image: Lake Kotadai appearing by heavy rain

When there is a heavy rain, can do it temporarily; "Oda

Image: Cirsium japonicum stock

Cirsium japonicum stock
It revived thanks to neighboring Boroku electricity fences


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