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Update day: December 2, 2015

Mail delivery

Information for Nikko-shi mail delivery service

We deliver municipal administration and event of Nikko-shi, firefighting dispatch information by E-mail toward the hope.
We send information to your cell-phone and PC by having you choose item in hope of delivery and register.

Delivery item

  1. Municipal administration information
  2. Sightseeing event information
  3. Firefighting dispatch information
  4. Dementia reliable email
  5. Please see page of Nikko-shi disaster prevention email about disaster prevention information.

When we add delivery item, we register again and file, and I would like addition from "change of user information".

Delivery start time

About municipal administration information and sightseeing event information, we started delivery on Monday, January 10, 2011. We will deliver in future on ten days a month and 25th.

About firefighting dispatch information, we start delivery soon after the registration at any time. In addition, about firefighting dispatch information, please note that you may deliver in late-night time the night.

Registration method

You have exclusive registration screen open, and please file for registration on agreement in Terms of Use.

You read QR code with camera phone to register with cell-phone, and please send email of the sky. QR code of portable mail delivery registration screen

Terms of Use


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Position: Department of general policy's secretary public relations section public information public hearing division

Phone number 0288-21-5135

Fax number: 0288-21-5109

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