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Update day: October 1, 2015

Link, copyright, disclaimers

About links

Copyright Policy

It is object of copyright, and information (sentence, photograph, image, program) published in "Nikko-shi homepage" is protected by law.
It is prohibited by law without permission of Nikko-shi reproduction, that we convert unless it was detected in Copyright Act including "reproduction for private use" and "quotation" about these information.


  • We are absolutely sure with accuracy of information placing in Nikko-shi homepage, but Nikko-shi does not take responsibility for all about any act that user performs using information of our homepage.
  • For the damage, loss that covered because user accessed our homepage in Nikko-shi, we do not take all responsibility under any circumstance.
  • Please note that we change the contents without notice or Nikko-shi homepage may delete.
  • Link may be set from case setting link from Nikko-shi homepage to website (as follows outside site) of third party except Nikko-shi and outside site to our homepage, but these outside sites are managed by responsibility of each site operator, and there are none under the management of Nikko-shi.

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