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Update day: September 1, 2010

Privacy Policy

With personal information

"Personal information" is information (address, full name, phone number, e-mail address) about individual and says all the things to understand whose information it is.
When individual is identified by full name directly, of course thing that it is revealed whose information it is becomes "personal information" by relating to other information even if we do not know the full name.

Limit of personal information collection

When Nikko-shi collects personal information through the Internet, we should be offer of information by intention of user.
We make collection purpose clear and perform collection of personal information after having stated clearly to user.

We set a limit to the use of personal information

We use personal information that had you provide from everybody within the collection purpose that we stated clearly beforehand.
We may not use personal information other than the collection purpose that we stated clearly without agreement of user. As a general rule, in case except this, we may not offer personal information to third party without permission of the person.

Management of personal information

About personal information that we collected from everybody, site administrator manages severely and takes appropriate measures against prevention such as leak, diversion, manipulation. In addition, we try for safe security when we have users perform offer (registration) of personal information through the Internet.

About review of personal information protection policy

We review content of each item mentioned above appropriately, and privacy policy of user is improved. In addition, about this personal information protection policy, we may revise contents without notice.

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