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Update day: September 1, 2010

Foreign Language

We translate Nikko-shi official homepage into English, Chinese (simplified Chinese character, Chinese Traditional), Korean using private automatic translation service (ASP).

For machine translation by machine translation system, it may not be necessarily accurate translation. As you may be different from original contents of Japanese page before translation, please use this after understanding enough.

 English (English)

Nikko city official website is translated by using an automatic translation service (ASP) of a private organization.

Please understand that the content may not be exactly the same as the original page and the translation might be sometimes inaccurate because of the automatic translation system.



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For the World Heritage "Shrines and Temples of Nikko", please visit the link below.

  • The World Heritage Shrines and Temples of Nikko (link to world heritage Shrines and Temples of Nikko English page)

简 body character zhongwen (Chinese simplified Chinese character)

Own 动 hon 译 clothes 务(ASP) hon 译 Nikko-shi original expression main 页 of use people 间.

Correction 确 hon 译 non-constant in 为 yoshi*ji 动 hon 译 system 统 matotsukuekihon 译,.

Fundamental contents existence difference 异,请 enough geography solution 这 kajijokorekisakiriyo of day 语页 of in front of * 许 *hon 译.


简 body character zhongwen

(a scattering of villages 另 gaimatomadokuchida 开)


han*jichubun (Chinese Chinese Traditional)

riyominkammatojidohon*fukumu (ASP) hon*nichikoshiseishikishupeji.

iniyoshiojidohon*keitomatokikihon*, fuichiteizeseikakuhon*.

*kyohon*zemmatonichigopejimatohon*matonaiyoyusai, seijufunjirikai*kojijokoregoriyo.



(living-in-另 gaimatomadokuchidakai)


한국어 (Korean)

닛코시 (Nikko-shi) 공식홈페이지를민간자동번역서비스(ASP)를통해서한국어로번역합니다.







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