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Update day: October 1, 2015

Web accessibility policy

With Web accessibility

Web accessibility means "easy access". Let alone elderly person and person with a disability, it is what we consider so that information provided on homepage does not have any problem, and all people including impaired person access temporarily for disease or injury.

Approach of Nikko-shi

We consider expression or mention method so that it is easy to employ anyone regardless of age or the physical situation in Nikko-shi, and it is in plain homepage.

Therefore apparatus, software in consideration design guideline - information and communication and service - Part 3" aim for thing corresponding to "Web contents, and, in administration of Motoichi homepage, as for JISX8341-3:2010 elderly person, person with a disability, they wrestle for security and improvement of accessibility Japanese Industrial Standards (Japanese Industrial Standards) about Web accessibility as basic policy in "aiming at reporting along standard standard" to use city homepage in various environment.

In addition, as standard standard, "JISX8341-3 acts for offer of information that it is easy to use for all people with the goal of the 2010th class AA conformity" using XHTML1.0, CSS3.0, JavaScript.

Range where is targeted for this policy

Target homepage assumes Nikko-shi homepage "http://www.city.nikko.lg.jp/".

Range that excludes

It is the following page to become out of target range.
http://www.city.nikko.lg.jp/reiki_int/reiki_menu.html (collection of established regulation)

http://www.city.nikko.lg.jp/profile/gappei//top.htm (process of merger)

Way of thinking for problems grasping at present and the correspondence

  • About file of Portable Document Format, we make in consideration for achievement standard as much as possible, but exclude from target.
  • Because some accessibility correspondence including operation with keyboard about operation of map may be insufficient, in page using GoogleMap, we exclude from target about information using outside service.
  • About reporting using YouTube and Facebook, it supports some accessibility including operation with keyboard and offer of subtitles
    But, we exclude from target about information using outside service because it may be insufficient, and the situation changes on account of the provider.

Class to aim for

We are based on achievement of Web accessibility class AA of JISX8341-3:2010

Notation called "conformity" in Web accessibility policy depends on notation established on information and communication access meeting Web accessibility base Committee "JISX8341-3:2010-adaptive degree notation guidelines on Web contents first edition - August 20, 2010".
Reference: http://www.ciaj.or.jp/access/web/docs/jis2010-compliance-guidelines/index.html


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